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Particle filters BA-H

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Particle Filters BA-H

Particle Filters BA-H

DeWerk diesel particle filters with an optional heating element can be used at extremely low exhaust temperatures, for example with diesel­operated emergency power supply units and generators. Installed as a modular option, the heating element constantly measures the load condition of the par ticle filter. If a certain limit value is reached, the heating element is switched on automatically. While the machine continues to operate, the temperature is raised to the level required for regeneration. Each cer tified DPF system from DeWerk can be equipped with the heating element module quickly and easily.

Advantages at a glance:

* can be used at extremely low exhaust temperatures

 *permanent regeneration during operation

 *low fuel consumption

 *low exhaust back pressure

 *no secondary emissions

 *integrated data logger; data can be 
   analysed by means of GSM

 *especially suitable for emergency power 
   supply units and generators 



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